What is PSi?

PSi (Pro Series Indoor) is an indoor hockey concept that consists of Leagues, Regional, All Stars and National tournament.
PSi caters for both girls and boys for age groups u11, u12, u13, u14, u16 & u18.



Mission of PSi

PSi aims to grow the sport of Indoor hockey at school level, offering great innovation and excitement to
the game. We strive for excellence and success by building strong trust and loyalty between members
and players.




Founded in 2005 in Cape Town by Simon Martin
First Regional Tournament played in 2006 at the Wynberg Military Base
First game played on September 27, 2006
Expanded to Namibia in September 2007
First National Tournament was played in 2007 in Paarl with 24 teams and 4 Franchises
Nolands became the official PSi Sponsor in 2008
The PSi concept spread rapidly and by the start of 2012 there were 2000 players nationwide and consisted of 10 Franchise
In 2012 the 6th Annual  National Tournament was played in Durban, in which 95 teams across Southern Africa attended
The Cape Seals are the most successful franchise in PSi history
On the 8th September 2013, the first senior men’s PSi Championship Tournament took place at the Good Hope Centre
In December 2013 the 7th Annual National Tournament was played in Cape Town in which a record 144 teams across Southern Africa attended
In 2014 PSi became an associate member of South African Hockey Association (SAHA)
Currently PSi consists of 19 Franchises across Southern Africa, with over 3000 registered players



PSi Franchises

PSi has grown tremendously at Regional and National level due to the hard work and dedication of the regional organisers/franchisees. Currently we have 16 active regions/franchisees across Southern Africa in which kids can participate indoor during the school term. Each region has a form of identity and is known as the following:




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PSi Divisions 

Leagues – Open to all boys and girls in the region
Regionals – Open tournament open for all boys and girls
All Stars – Players are selected from either League or Regionals to play in a small inter franchise tournament
Nationals – Players are selected from either League or Regionals to play the annual inter franchise tournament



Age Groups

U11 Girls & Boys           U14 Girls & Boys
U12 Girls & Boys           U16 Girls & Boys
U13 Girls & Boys           U18 Girls & Boys




Miets Wagstaff – Boland Foxes mother
In the Wagstaff’s residence, we think, plan, eat and dream PSi Nationals, schedules are moved around -
everything around the big event – that is our holiday every year – we absolutely love it! PSi nationals – one word -
EXHILARATING! Michael’s words – NO EXCUSE! Sharli – AWESOME – can’t wait!


Shayne Cormack – Namibian franchisee
PSi has been an unmeasured opportunity for our youngsters in Namibia. Since its inception we have been
able to offer our children the stage to measure themselves against quality opposition, with regular



PSi Formats Explained 

PSi League – Open to all (players of different levels participating & learning to play together as a team). League based matches with team coaches helping the players improve and develop their indoor hockey skills.


Regionals –  ½ day action packed 4 or 5 team tournament to help select franchise (provincial) teams


All Stars –  Selected franchise (provincial) teams (best indoor players from each region) battling for bragging rights (eg in the Western Cape: Boland v Cape Town v West Coast)


Nationals –  The ultimate aim for any indoor player! Players from all across SA & Namibia. The showcase event and pinnacle of PSI.