Franchise of the year:
Cape Seals / Boland Foxes

It is almost unreal to look back to 2007 where Pro Series Indoor had its start and realise the distance that has been travelled. Way back then the thought that PSi would have garnered the size and reach that it has today was just a dream, but it was a dream worth chasing.

There where 24 teams representing just 3 franchises in those early days, but all-in-all it was a year of foundations at Paarl Gymnasium High School.

The foundations of great goals, fast paced hockey and emerging superstars
started to materialise.

PSi is ultimately a celebration of the spirit of Indoor Hockey and the foundations for this where laid in exceptional manner in 2007. The epic battle of Cape Dominance was shared between the Foxes and Seals which would set the foundation for an outstanding rivalry over the next decade.


U15 Girls

Gold: Boland Foxes
Silver: Namibia Hawks
Bronze: Cape Seals

U15 Boys

Gold Cape Seals
Silver Peninsula Sharks
Bronze Boland Foxes

U17 Girls

Gold: Boland Foxes
Silver: Cape Seals
Bronze: Namibia Hawks

U17 Boys

Gold: Cape Seals
Silver: Boland Foxes
Bronze: WP Development

U15 Girls section

Player of the Tournament: Izelle Lategan (Foxes)

Goalkeeper of the Tournament: Mairin Blaauw  (Seals)                          


 U15 Boys section

Player of the Tournament: Taylor Dart (Seals)                         

Goalkeeper of the Tournament: Luke Jordaan (Seals)                     

U17 Girls section

Player of the Tournament: Jessica Kew (Seals)                       

Goalkeeper of the Tournament: Trudy Lembretch (Foxes)                             


U17 Boys section

Player of the Tournament: Laurie Basson (Foxes)                    

Goalkeeper of the Tournament: DJ Strauss (Hawks)