Franchise of the Year:
Cape Seals

Amongst the backdrop of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, Psi finally arrived in Cape Town. Incredibly, with Cape Town being the home of PSi, it was only in the fourth year that the Nationals moved to the Mother City.

PSi had found its way home and the local franchise, the Seals, also began a period of unrivalled domination in the game. The Selswere represented in an incredible five out of six finals at the Nationals, of which four where against bitter rivals the foxes.

The Cape side claimed 3 golds and 2 silvers in a display reminiscent of the domination of Manchester United in the 1990’s. UCT, set up on the Table Mountain range, provided the picturesque backdrop that the PSi nationals deserved and it was safe to say that PSi had found its home.

The victory in the Franchise of the year was the first time the Franchise of the Year had left the Western Cape, and remains the only time the Gryphons have won this award.


U13 Girls section

Gold :Cape Seals

Silver: Boland Foxes

Bronze: Namibian Hawks

U13 Boys section

Gold: Cape Seals           

Silver: Boland Foxes

Bronze: Durban Panthers

U15 Girls section

Gold: Boland Foxes

Silver: Cape Seals

Bronze: Eastern London Jaguars

U15 Boys section

Gold: Cape Seals

Silver: Boland Foxes

Bronze: Highland Scorpions

18 Girls section

Gold: Gauteng Gryphons

Silver: Cape Seals

Bronze: Panther B

U18 A Boys section

Gold: Gryphons D

Silver: Cape Seals

Bronze: Panthers A

U18 B Boys section

Gold: Easton London Jaguars

Silver: Highland Scorpions

Bronze: Gryphons B

U13 Girls Section                            

Player of the Series: Gillian Hermanus (Hawks)

Top goal scorer: Elandri van Aardt (Pumas)

Goalkeepers of the Series: nPetro  Stofberg (Hawks)


U15 Girls Section                           

Player of the Series:Tarryn Glasby (Seals)

Sportsmanship: Iris de Villiers (Panthers)

Goalkeeper of the Series: Caroline Sparks (Sharks)


U18 Girls Section                     

Player of the Series: Georgina Crip (Gryphons)

Sportsmanship: Nina Slawson (Gryphons)

Goalkeeper of the Series: Jamiee Allen (Seals)

U13 Boys Section                                             

Player of the Series: Breda Reed(Hawks)

Top goal scorer: Ru Baker (Panthers)

Goalkeepers of the Series: Nicholas v Niekerk (Seals)


U15 Boys Section                            

Player of the Series: Devon Sprake (Hawks)

Sportsmanship: Kamal (Gryphons)

Goalkeeper of the Series: Kavashan (Gryphons)


U18 Boys A Section                       

Player of the Series: Gerald Mpopo (Gryphons)

Sportsmanship: Michael Daly (Sharks)

Goalkeeper of the Series: Wade Cresswell (Gryphons)


U18 Boys B Section                       

Player of the Series: Ignatices Makgraaff (Jaguars)

Sportsmanship: Chris Fall (Quaggas)

Goalkeeper of the Series: Jarred Webber  (Gryphons)