Franchise of the Year: Section A: Cape Seals
Franchise of the Year: Section B: Peninsula Sharks

After the epic and unmatched opening ceremony that welcomed PSi Nationals into existence, you may have been forgiven for thinking that it would be hard to follow that up with the hockey that was played. You would have been wrong.

In the soaring heat of Cape Town 124 teams, up from an already impressive 83 teams in the U13/14 Nationals in 2016, took each other on in a quest to win their respective titles and get their hands on the overall Franchise of the Year.

It’s hard to believe that 400 odd games of hockey have came and went in the space of a week. The PSi home court of UCT was abuzz with hundreds of kids and more than 1000 supporters daily.

The Cape Seals showed a resurgence in the A Sections this year making three of the four finals at the senior nationals and they will be incredibly happy with the home Franchises performance over the four days.

PSi took another step into a brave new world. That step was to move away from the traditional PSi All Stars vs. South Africa match and the introduction of the PSi Showdowns. It’s going to be South Africa vs. The International All Stars vs. The World All Stars.

Each night will featured a PSi Showdowns competition with a winner at the end of the Night. After the three matches the top two teams will competed in a three man shootout to determine the winner.

On the Final night it was the International All Stars who came out on top!


U13 A Girls

Gold: Hawks

Silver: Gryphons A

Bronze: Seals


U13 B Girls

Gold: Tigers

Silver: Barracudas

Bronze: Mountain Vipers


U13 C Girls


Silver: Gryphons C

Bronze: Pumas

U13 A Boys

Gold: Hawks

Silver: Panthers

Bronze: Seals


U13 B Boys

Gold: Sables A

Silver: Stallions A

Bronze: Seal Pups


U13 C Boys

Gold: Marlins

Silver: Sunbirds

Bronze: Eagles B

U14 A Girls

Gold: Panthers

Silver: Seals

Bronze: Gryphons A


U14 B Girls

Gold: Tigers

Silver: Pitbulls

Bronze: Foxes Black

U14 A Boys

Gold: Vipers

Silver: Seals

Bronze: Panthers


U14 B Boys

Gold: Langa Fire

Silver: Impis A

Bronze: Sharks

U16 A Girls

Gold: Seals

Silver: Gryphons A

Bronze:  Panthers


U16 B Girls

Gold:  Mountain Vipers

Silver: Tigers

Bronze:  Black Bears


U16 C Girls

Gold: Sunbirds

Silver: Gryphons E

Bronze: Wolves

U16 A Boys

Gold: Foxes Grey

Silver: Hawks

Bronze: Seals


U16 B Boys

Gold: Sables A

Silver: Sharks

Bronze: Gryphons B


U16 C Boys

Golds: Gryphons C

Silver: Impis

Bronze: Mambas Green

U16 B Girls

Player of the Tournament: Caitlin Qillies (Eagles)

Goal Keeper of the Tournament: Jenna Venter (Sharks)

Spirit Award: Gryphons C


U16 C Girls

Goal Keeper of the Tournament: Jamie – Lee Jantjies (Vipers)

Spirit Award: Cranes

U16 B Boys

Player of the Tournament: Devin Allen (Titans)

Goal Keeper of the Tournament: Bonga Mngoma (Tigers)

Spirit Award: Stallions


U16 C Boys

Player of the Tournament: Diaze Visagie (Cranes)

Goal Keeper of the Tournament: Karabo Phutsisi (Brown Bears)

Spirit Award: Cranes

U18 A Girls

Gold: Vipers

Silver: Seals

Bronze: Foxes


U18 B Girls

Gold: Sables B

Silver: Sharks

Bronze: Gryphons D

U18 A Boys

Gold:  Barracudas

Silver: Seals

Bronze: Hawks


U18 B Boys

Gold:  Sharks

Silver: Stingrays

Bronze: Quaggas A