Psi Nationals 2018 | Day 0 | So many reasons for excitement

Psi Nationals 2018 | Day 0 | So many reasons for excitement

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Psi Nationals 2018 | Day 0 | So many reasons for excitement

As the crowds descended on Cape Town for the start of the Psi Nationals, the hordes of kids, coaches and umpires were treated to something out of the ordinary as the evening featured a “Psi’s got Talent” experience where our winner belted out a song from the Greatest Showman. There was beautiful irony in that Psi can safely be called the Greatest Show in indoor hockey.

With the 12th edition of the Indoor Hockey Greatest Show getting underway, there are a few key things to be extra excited about.

New Sides

We have some beautiful historic derbies including the Seals, Foxes, Hawks and Gryphons in their various match ups. We also have some teams that have built up great rivalries in the past couple of years including the likes of the Sables, Vipers, Panthers, Barracudas and more. In 2018 we are pleased to welcome the Limpopo Leopards, the Kimberley Heat, the Northern Knights and the Zimbabwe Flames to their first nationals. Each side will be doing their best to build a legacy and there is no better place to start writing your story than at the Psi Nationals.

SPAR South Africa Women’s Indoor Hockey Team

They SPAR South Africa side will play at the Nationals for the second time, having played in the SPAR Four Nations in 2015. They come to this as a side on the back of 25 undefeated test matches. They were victorious in the historic first ever indoor hockey test series in Zimbabwe, in beating the African Champions Namibia in Durban and of course almost dismissive in their Croatia Cup victory this year. Coach Lennie Botha celebrated his 50th test win in the third win against Namibia. The SA girls are the pride of the South African Hockey Community right now and it’s understandable why.

SPAR South Africa

We are pleased to announce that SPAR is on board with Pro Series Indoor as a main sponsor. SPAR have been a fantastic supporter of South African Hockey for a long time and their sponsorship of the SA Women’s Indoor Hockey team should be spoken about in the same sentence as the Banyana Banyana and SASOL relationship. Its outstanding to welcome SPAR into the Psi Family and we are excited for the journey we will travel together.

The All-Star Series

Not one but two series to feast your eyes on. SPAR South Africa vs. the International All-Stars, a team loaded with the best in the world and sprinkled with some exciting Psi talent. It’s a series that promises to keep you entertained and excited. But if that was not enough we also have Robert Tigges and the European All-Stars together who will be playing against an exciting African All-Stars side. Everyone should watch out for the exciting duo of Dayaan Cassiem and Liam Hermanus.

The All-Star Selections

At the end of this year’s nationals we will be selecting the U14, U16 and U18 African All-Stars sides. The U14 and U16 sides selected will have the opportunity to travel to Europe in 2020. More details about this will be released in due course, but it’s safe to say that opportunities are better and better each year.

Games, Games and Games

If you have been watching the Hockey World Cup you will be disappointed that only four games remain. Fortunately, over the next 8 days you will be able to see more than 1000 games of indoor hockey. Let that sink in for a bit. More than 1000 games in 8 days…

So, are you ready for indoor hockey’s Greatest Show? I know I am!

Written for Psi Hockey by Tyron Barnard

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