In bigger news than the latest referendum on Brexit, today Pro Series Indoor has announced that they will be launching in the United Kingdom. Started in South Africa Psi is now moving on to its 6th location with the UK joining South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Ireland and Holland.

From its humble launch in 2006, Pro Series Indoor is quickly becoming a global force in indoor hockey. It has brought the fast, fun and exciting nature of the game to the forefront and given it the recognition it finally deserves. Most importantly it has captivated the hearts and souls of thousands of young aspiring hockey players and grown their love for the game.

Pro Series Indoor UK will be linked to the current PSI Ireland and will focus on giving the kids an opportunity of experiencing indoor hockey in a fun environment across different franchises. The franchises to begin with will be the London Lancers, the Canterbury Cavaliers, the Edinburgh Castles, the Somerset Spartans, the Southampton Spitfires and the Surrey Crusaders. The United Kingdom have a fantastic hockey heritage and there is massive potential for both growth and development.

As is the case in every country that Psi is part of, the UK will have their showpiece in the guise of the October 2019 Intercity. The Intercity tournament will run from 19-20 October 2019 in Southampton. In true Psi style it will be an event of epic fun and superb entertainment. Obviously, it will be a celebration of the spirit of indoor.

Simon Martin, the founder of Pro Series Indoor, shared his excitement:

“This is an exciting step forward for PSi Hockey as we are constantly striving to grow and promote indoor hockey across the globe.  It’s another great opportunity to bring likeminded coaches and players from around the world together to ignite their passion and enthusiasm for the game. PSi constantly strives to make the game fun and progressive for the youth which we believe is an important factor to inspiring our future stars. We can never get enough of indoor hockey due to its fun and exciting nature… so here is a great opportunity for the youth in the United Kingdom.”

Trinidad and Tobago legend and regular assistant coach for England Hockey, Kwan Browne will be actively involved in the programme and offered his thoughts and the exciting new development.

“Indoor hockey has been in a decline in England, with the National team no longer playing. The sport is also played over such a short period that it almost doesn’t have enough time to make an impact. I am a massive fan of the game of indoor hockey, in how it brings together the hockey family and its ability to develop the skills of the youngsters. Psi is going to be a massive opportunity for indoor hockey in the country, for the love of the game and for all of us involved to grow as players. I can’t wait to get going!”

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