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PSi Showdown 2019

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The heat was once again felt at this years PSi Showdown which took place at Gormanston Park, Dublin, Ireland.


With an increase in teams participating this year from 2018, we could see the excitement growing, 25 teams participated under 7 Franchise banners, playing 96 matches across the 3 day tournament.

There where some exciting developments at this year’s showdown with an exhibtion match played between two Ladies All Star teams comprising of some of the best Indoor players in Europe, namely Lena Lindstroem, Donja Zwinkels and Sophie Bray with the latter captaining the two teams.

It was a fast paced and exciting 50 minutes especially for the young players to be watching some of their role models on the court, learning and aspiring to be like them!

Team Zwinkels ended up taking the win, but overall the match was a great example for the young girls competing in the 2ndedition of the PSi Ireland Showdown.

With more teams taking part this year the tournament ran over 3 days instead of 2, showing a testament to the way PSi is growing Indoor Hockey all over the world.

Each day was filled with excitement and fun both on and off the court. The energy from both the players and spectators filled Gormanston Park and the energy and atmsophere was true to the spirit of PSi!

Over the 3 days it was clear that players where improving and gaining experience as the tournament progressed and we have no doubt that the girls were learning from the excellent display of indoor hockey during the exhibiton match.

We were extremely excited to have the Endinburgh Castles join us for the Showdown event from the UK, we look forward to the PSi Intercity event later in the year hosted in Southhampton, UK – We have no doubt that it will be another Spectacular display of Indoor Hockey.

A massive congratulations to to all the Girls who took part in the Showdown and of course to the North Dublin Knights for winning PSi Franchise of the Year!

We look forward to another fantastic spectacle of Indoor Hockey at next years Showdown event!

Please find award winners and final placings below:


Award Winners:


5th Class:

Player Of the Tournament: Dani Mannion (WASPS)

Goalkeeper of the Tournament: Chloe Hiles (WASPS)



6th Class:

Player of the Tournament: Milla Fulton (Swans)

Goalkeeper of the Tournament: Alex Clarke (Swans)



1st Year:

Player of the Tournament: Emma Nolan (Knights)

Goalkeeper of the Tournament: Jessica Magee (Knights)



3rd Year:

Player of the Tournament: Mikayla Power (Wasps)

Goalkeeper of the Tournament: Martha Duigan (Wasps)



5th Year:

Player of the Tournament: Emily Kelly (Vikings)

Goalkeeper of the Tournament: Amy Molloy (Vikings)



PSi Franchise of the Year: North Dublin Knights


Final Placings



  • Wicklow Wasps
  • Kilkenny Cats
  • Dublin South Vikings
  • North Dublin Knights



  • Kildare Swans
  • Green Knights
  • Dublin South Vikings
  • Grey Knights
  • Kilkenny Cats
  • Wicklow Wasps



  • Green Knights
  • Dublin South Vikings
  • Kildare Swans
  • Grey Knights
  • Belfast bears



  • Edinurgh Castles
  • Wicklow Wasps
  • Belfast Bears
  • Grey Knights
  • Kilkenny Cats
  • Green Knights



  • Dublin Knights
  • Blue Vikings
  • Belfast Bears
  • Yellow Vikings

This is PSi, this is Indoor Hockey!

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