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New Indoor Hockey Rules

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The new rules of Indoor Hockey

On Friday the International Hockey Federation (FIH) released the updated rules of the game we love so much, indoor hockey. The new rules are in effect from the 1 October 2019 meaning the upcoming series between South Africa and Switzerland will be played under the new regulations. To help you get ready for what to expect here is a high-level view of the key changes

Timeouts are gone

During the Indoor Hockey World Cup last year there was feedback given by players and coaches that the Time Outs were being “Abused” to frustrate play rather than for positive coaching usage. So, for that reason time outs have been introduced. However, …

Four Quarters rather than two halves

To allow coaches ample time to implement changes in the game, indoor hockey has aligned with its outdoor brother in introducing quarters. For indoor hockey it will be four quarters of ten minutes each. Interestingly one of the key factors for this change was to align with broadcasters…

No more switching benches

Another change in saving time will be that benches don’t have to be changed at half-time anymore. This time saving is directly influencing the half-time break being shortened.

Time is stopped for penalty corners

The time saving for time outs and switching benches being removed means that in a further alignment with outdoor hockey, the clock will now stop for penalty corners. More time for the action.

Early Breaking Defenders go much further away

In indoor hockey an early breaking defender going to the halfway line can interfere with play, due to that the new rule requires and early breaking defender to the top of the opposite circle when they infringe.

No more Players with goal keepers’ privileges.

The rule that was introduced to Outdoor hockey 12 months ago is now added to the indoor hockey rulebook to bring greater alignment between the two codes of hockey.


You can obtain the updated rules of Indoor Hockey here:

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