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Pro Series Indoor Nationals 2019 – We have lift off

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Months of meticulous planning, days of burpees, shuttles and drag flick practice, hours of sweat inducing work, minutes of frantically finishing off all combine to produce the Pro Series Indoor Nationals. The finest indoor hockey festival you will find anywhere in the world will take place over the next week and a bit, as the Bellville Velodrome, which has just hosted an international Indoor series, will play the major host for the week.

Amongst the U13 and U14 nationals, followed by the U16 and U18 Nationals the fans will also be exposed to an All-Star series as Team Eustice takes on Team Robinson. The anticipation for the series will be high as most of the players involved were part of the historic BlitzStoks victory over the Swiss a month ago. It will be an opportunity for the PSi current players to see the heights that alumni of PSi have reached. Many will be watching the likes of Jarryd Jones, Dayaan Cassiem and Chad Futcher dreaming of their own opportunity to play on the countries biggest stage.

There will also be international indoor hockey on display as the SPAR South African team take on Ireland in four test matches after the opening two in Durban. Its an iconic series as it marks the first time Ireland have returned to International Indoor Hockey in 29 years playing a South African side who have lost just three tests in their last 50. With Pro Series Indoor having launched in Ireland last year, there is a beautiful opportunity for the kids in the land of Ireland to see their dreams come true.

The likes of Jamie Southgate and Cheree Greyvenstein made their names on the indoor courts representing PSi franchises, but they now have enhanced those names wearing the green and gold of SPAR South Africa. AS Marianne Williamson once said, for as we let our own lights shine, we unconsciously give other’s permissions to do the same. That’s exactly what both Jamie and Cheree and every other player in the national set up are busy doing.

If you haven’t been to PSi before, then prepare for an explosion of entertainment. Lights and a production that makes the filling up of Soccer City seem small in comparison. The hosting of John McInroy will make the venue loud in a way that a venue of that stature has probably not experienced enough in its life. With the party atmosphere better than rage or other cool music festivals that my age doesn’t allow me to know about.  PSi is a superb product of what indoor hockey can be and you are invited to join the adventure.

Make sure you follow all the social media accounts to stay up to date, to follow the results and maybe just maybe stand a chance to win.

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