About us

Pro Series Indoor Hockey South Africa

What is Pro Series Indoor Hockey, or PSi?  

PSi, short for Pro Series Indoor, is an indoor hockey movement which consists of regional and all-star leagues, as well as annual national tournaments attracting thousands of South Africa's brightest hockey talent

PSi has girls and boys leagues and tournaments for under-11s all the way through to under-18s

U11, U12, U13, U14, U16 & U18

Our Aim at PSi

PSi aims to grow the sport of Indoor hockey at school level, offering great innovation and excitement to the game.

We strive for excellence and success by building strong trust and loyalty between members and players.

Our Values at PSi

To celebrate the spirit of Indoor hockey by bringing together people who are passionate about the game.

Giving players, coaches and staff the opportunity to build new friendships from outside their school environment.

To facilitate and mentor players’ hockey development as well as teaching valuable life skills such as team work, respect and decision making.

Maintaining good competition but not focusing on “Win At All cost” but rather on Sportsmanship and Respect.

To create a Fun and Vibrant atmosphere with colourful kit and venues.


Robert Tigges, Dutch National Indoor Captain

Robert Tigges


PSI is the most amazing experience to have with indoor hockey as a kid. Nowhere in the world you will find something like this. With a combination of competitive hockey, fun and entertainment this experience will blow your mind. It certainly blew my mind 3 years ago and I never left since! With a professional organisation and format the kids will feel like playing Nationals. They will get pumped and try to win this competition! The form of franchises makes it very interesting in order to select and train your team. In the end, everyone will all cheer for each other and it will be an incredible hockey party!

Shayne Cormack, Namibian Franchisee

Shayne Cormack


PSI has been an unmeasured opportunity for our youngsters in Namibia. Since its inception we have been able to offer our children the stage to measure themselves against quality opposition, with regular opportunities.

Shayne Cormack, Namibian Franchisee

Timo Wes


For me it is the most entertaining hockey festival I have ever been. I have never played in my life in front of such an amazing crowd as I did in CT at PSI. Playing the sport you love with excellent hockey players and awesome personalities in front of 2.000 kids full of joy, is one of my best hockey experiences I have ever head.
PSI is not only about hockey. It’s about fun, it’s about intercultural exchange, it’s about friendship, it’s about the international hockey community. Simon Martin and his crew born a hockey event that you can’t compare to any other event you saw before. If you take part once, you will not want to miss any more