About Us

What is PSi?

PSi (Pro Series Indoor) is an indoor hockey concept that consists of Leagues, Regional, All Stars and National tournament. PSi caters for both girls and boys for age groups U11, U12, U13, U14, U16 & U18.

Our Aim

PSi aims to grow the sport of Indoor hockey at school level, offering great innovation and excitement to the game. We strive for excellenenvce and success by building strong trust and loyalty between members and players.

Our Values

To celebrate the spirit of Indoor hockey by bringing together people who are passionate about the game. Giving players, coaches and staff the opportunity to build new friendships from outside their school ironment.To facilitate and mentor players’ hockey development as well as teaching valuable life skills such as team work, respect and decision making.Maintaining good competition but not focusing on “Win At All cost” but rather on Sportsmanship and Respect.To create a Fun and Vibrant atmosphere with colourful kit and venues.