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What is Pro Series Indoor?

Pro Series Indoor, affectionally known as PSi, is an indoor hockey movement which consists of regional and all-star leagues, as well as annual national tournaments attracting thousands of South Africa's brightest hockey talent together to create an unrivalled experience.

Founded in 2006, National Tournaments have been held in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Pietermaritzburg and Mpumalanga. Regional tournaments, leagues and clinics have been held in numerous additional locations. PSi International is another sector, and we have hosted tournaments in Ireland, England and Netherlands to date! 

PSi caters for girls and boys, from the ages of under11s all the way through to under18s.

Age groups consist of u11, u12, u13, u14, u16 & u18. 

We have also been able to bring a professional player perspective to PSi, with numerous exhibition games over the years with international players from Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Ireland, Spain, Belgium and England to name a few!


Indoor Hockey is a sport that has been growing massively over the last years. Characterized by being a fast, exciting and fun sport to watch, no wonder more players and fans are falling in love with this amazing sport! Indoor Hockey only has 6 players per team on the court, and with different dimensions and rules, it creates an action-packed setting with loads of entertainment! To date, PSi has helped over 25 South Africans achieve a goal of playing for their country, as these stars have come through the PSi ranks. Examples include Jamie Southgate (Cape Seals), Jarryd Jones (Durban Panthers), Chad Futcher (East Rand Quaggas) and Edith Molikoe (PE Vipers). 

We at PSi are proud to be the number 1 Indoor Hockey company in South Africa, and will continue to provide the platform for players to have opportunity to experience this beautiful version of the game at youth level, along with all the additional services that we provide. With over 15 years of staging these spectacular events, and more than 20000 people having been involved to date, we look forward to the future and continuing to take things to the next level! May the Indoor Hockey Revolution continue to soar!


Our Vision, Mission & Values



PSi Structure is as follows:


This is open to all ages where players can develop their individual technical skills.
Clinics can be held weekly or in the school holidays.
Clinics are generally 2 1⁄2 hours per session.


This is open to all (players of different levels participating & learning to play together as a team). League based matches with team coaches helping the players improve and develop their indoor hockey skills.

  • League runs over 5 to 6 weeks. These are typically on a Saturday, but dependant on venue availability. 

  • League consists of 1 hour of training mid-week and matches on the weekends.

  • Training sessions can be arranged depending on hall availability.

  • Each team plays 1 to 2 matches per day.

  • Selection for PSi Nationals can be based on players attending the League

    or Regionals (varies franchise to franchise). 


One day action packed 4-6 team tournament to help select Nationals teams.

  • Runs over 1 day for each age group.

  • Regionals comprise of round robin matches and generally includes a final.


PSi Nationals is the Pinnacle for PSi and is the Flagship tournament.

It is currently one of the largest Hockey tournaments in South Africa with approximately 2 300 players participating in December 2018.

This is a 3-4 day tournament playing against others from around the country, and sometimes even more than one country is involved. 

Awards include:

  • Player of the Tournament

  • Goalkeeper of the Tournament

  • Fair Play Award

There are also varies functions and events, including an opening ceremony, opening day of fun at allocated venues, and outside star attractions ranging from magicians to singers to International Indoor Hockey players. 

PSi not only gives you a great platform to express yourself on the court but allows you to watch some of the best indoor players in world hockey. As a young player there is no doubt you can learn by watching these stars live in action. There have been Men’s All Stars Series with top hockey stars from Europe, as well as many years of watching the South African Ladies and Men's side playing games.

These games offer a great opportunity for the all to watch and learn from the best players indoor players in the world. Having International hockey role models such as the likes of Robert Tigges, Moritz Fürste, Teun Rohof, Beni Wess, Timo Wess to name a few are so important to inspire the future stars of tomorrow.This has become a massive attraction for PSi.​

Social Media

Social Media that is used during and after the events are mainly Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


This is our main platform where all content is published. Here we promote our leagues, regionals, nationals, anything PSi related. Facebook is where we have our largest audience, and is great way to keep up to date. During nationals we load articles, daily videos and albums of the daily pictures. We have also added Facebook Live videos due to Covid. 


This platform is great to showcase all the images we have during Nationals. In tandem with SmugMug, we showcase numerous photos, videos and stories, as well as keep everyone up to date with the latest movements.


During every Nationals we film moments from the venues, and make a highlights video of each day for the kids, as well as additional videos of spectacular memories and highlights. These are then loaded to our YouTube channel as well as Facebook and Instagram reels. This platform is mainly used to load all videos filmed and so people can go back and view past PSi events.

We also use other service providers to make our social footprint as large and user friendly as possible. These include Facebook Live and Sport.Video (video streaming), Connect Team (fixtures and results) and SmugMug (photos).

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