Any player that has been a member of a PSI Franchise will need a clearance letter signed by their current Franchise if they wish to change and join another Franchise.

Players will not be allowed to play for more than one Franchise in a calendar year. The player commits to the specific Franchise for a full calendar year.
Franchises should not approach or accept players who have registered for another Franchise in that calendar year.
Players living in another Region/Province will not be allowed to play for a Franchise outside of their Region/Province.
This is strongly discouraged and has become an issue as players are now wanting to play with their friends from different Regions/Provinces.
Players must play in a Franchise's League or Regionals event to be eligible for selection and to participate in Nationals.  
i) If sourcing non-league players, they cannot have played for another franchise.
ii) If a Franchise is short of goalkeepers or players, they can approach another Franchise and ask if there are players that can be loaned for Nationals.  These players must still pay the same amount as what they would have at the original franchise and it should be made clear that it is for the tournament only.  
iii) The situations/arrangements stated above need to be communicated to PSI HQ prior to the event/s.
*In the Western Cape, we allow players to move/change Franchises within the province based on the following:
If the player is boarding at a school in one region, but lives in another region. On weekends they would be at home, so would participate in the League/Regionals of the Franchise from the area in which they live.

Download a PDF version of the Player Clearance