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Ex South African hockey player Simon Martin, established Pro Series Indoor (commonly known as PSi) in 2005 with the idea to grow indoor hockey in Southern Africa at the Primary and High school level. The concept started in the Western Cape and quickly spread across South Africa and Namibia. It continued to grow and soon reached all the provinces of South Africa, and added Zimbabwe to its places of influence. 


PSi has staged over 60 National Tournaments, with an international flavour in years past with tournaments in Ireland, England and Netherlands. We also love bringing in the international flavour to South Africa, and regularly stage exhibition games with some of the world's top indoor hockey players, such as Robert Tigges, Marlena Rybacha and Moritz Furste to name a few.On top of this, PSi is proud to have been a crucial step in the development of over 40 senior international hockey players for South Africa and Namibia.  

PSi has grown tremendously at regional and National level due to the hard work and dedication of the regionals organisers. Each region is run by an ex South African or Provincial hockey player/coach, and all are giving back to hockey in a positive manner.


  • Simon Martin founded Pro Series Indoor in Cape Town in 2005.

  • First ever Regional Tournament was played in 2006 at the Wynberg Military Base.

  • First ever PSi Nationals game was played on September 27, 2006.

  • PSi then expanded to Namibia in September 2007, the first Namibian team was called the Namibian Hawks and have been extremely competitive ever since.

  • The first National Tournament was played in 2007 in Paarl with 24 teams and 4 Franchises.

  • Nolands became the official PSi Sponsor in 2008, over the past 13 years Nolands has shown great support to PSi and we are excited to continue this relationship!

  • The PSi concept spread rapidly and by the start of 2012 there were 2000 players nationwide and consisted of 10 Franchises.

  • In 2012 the 6th Annual National Tournament was played in Durban, the first time the tournament was held outside of the Western Cape, in which 95 teams across Southern Africa attended.

  • On the 8th September 2013, the first senior Men’s PSi Championship Tournament took place at the Good Hope Centre.

  • In December 2013 the 7th Annual National Tournament was played in Cape Town in which a record 144 teams across Southern Africa attended, a massive 50% increase from 2012!

  • In 2014 PSi became an associate member of South African Hockey Association (SAHA), which shows PSi’s intent to help grow South African Hockey and most importantly Indoor Hockey.

  • During December Nationals 2016, PSi celebrated its 10th Birthday with a record number of 228 team participating at u13, u14, u16 & u18 level.

  • During December Nationals 2016, PSi celebrated its 10th Birthday with a record number of 228 team participating at u13, u14, u16 & u18 level

  • PSi was launched in Ireland and the UK in 2018

  • A record number of 368 teams participated in PSi Nationals 2019 from u11 to u18.

  • The 1st ever u16 & u18 PSI All Stars team travelled to Europe to play against top German and Dutch clubs in 2020

  • During covid, 2020 & 2021 PSI Nationals was split into a Coastal and Inland tournament with close to 300 teams participating each year.  

  • In 2023, PSi in conjunction with SA Hockey took indoor hockey to new heights by hosting the 6th FIH Indoor World Cup in Pretoria.

  •  u11 & u12 South & North Nationals celebrated its 10th Birthday anniversary and the Kathea Energy Nkosi Cup was launched during December 2023

Currently PSi consists of 26 Franchises across Southern Africa, with over 10 000 registered players.

PSi MC John McInroy addressing participants at the Closing Ceremony copy.jpg
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