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PSi Nationals Rules

PSi strictly adheres to the FIH indoor rules for all PSi Events. FIH rules can be found at the bottom of the page. 

Playing up & down

No player may play up or down without permission.
Teams will be deducted match points if found guilty and the opposition will receive full points (5 points).
Permission to play up or down can only be granted by the Tournament Director.
Only special cases will apply.


3 Yellow cards = 1 game suspension.
1 Red card = minimum 1 game suspension.
Once the player has been sent off they must sit at the tech table.
They are not allowed to sit with the team – (they may join the team at half time only).
The umpire/tech table can immediately award a penalty corner if found guilty.
If a player receives 3 yellow cards or 1 red card an immediate disciplinary hearing will take place.
The Tournament Director or authorized PSi staff member will hear both parties and make the final decision.

If a player is found guilty of swearing the umpire can penalise the player with an automatic yellow card.

Time Allocations & Start of games

Games will start on time as per fixtures.
Matches will consist of 2 halves of 20 minutes each way with a 2 minute half time break. There will be a 3 minute break between matches.
Time will be kept by the tech table.
Time will not be stopped at any time during the match, unless there is a medical emergency.
If a 2nd ball goes on a court during a match and if influences play, the game will be stopped and will restart with a bully.
The whistle will be blown from the tech table on time to start the game regardless if teams are on the court.
If only one team is ready and the whistle has been blown they may play freely towards the goals AFTER waiting for a period of 30 seconds.
All FIH indoor rules will apply.
Goalkeeper substitutions – Goalkeepers need to be substituted within 3 metres of the centre line.

Blood Bin

In the case of a blood injury, players must get off the court immediately and seek medical attention.


Players may not drink on the court at any stage (this includes halftime).
The umpire/ tech table has the right to award a penalty corner should a team be found guilty.

Warm up

Teams must please warm up outside the hall before games.
Please note that there is limited time between matches so coaches must make sure captains toss prior to the start of the game.

Advancing to play-offs

Should teams end on the same points after preliminary matches are completed, goal difference will apply to determine who progresses.
If goal difference is a tie, then it goes to goals for.
If goals for is the same, then the result against each other will apply.

Playoff matches ending in a draw

No golden goal policy will apply.
Show downs will replace penalty flicks if games end in a draw. Each team will nominate 3 players to take a 1v 1 “7 second” attack.

Point System

  • 4 Points for a win.

  • 2 Points for a draw.

  • 1 Point for losing by 1 goal.

  • 1 Point for scoring 5 goals or more in a game.

A total of 5 points can be achieved per game (win 4 and 5 goals 1).

Tournament behaviour off the court.

  • Your behaviour off the court will also affect your actions on the court

  • I.E Hostel related issues

A player will be suspended from ALL matches based on the following criteria:

  • Use of alcohol, drugs & cigarettes

  • Caught stealing

  • Use of fire crackers

  • Fighting with opposition teams

  • Three daily warnings for misbehaviour at the hotel

A player will be suspended from 1 game based on the following daily criteria:

  • Making a noise after lights out

  • Playing loud music

  • Back chatting the hotel manager or PSI staff

  • Lights on after lights out without a valid reason

  • General misbehaving in the hotel

The above conditions are non negotiable.This is a simple and fair solution which is monitored by the Event Co Ordinator.
All matters are reported back to Simon Martin and your tour manager.
In severe cases you will be sent back home at your parents expense

Terms and Conditions

Parents must sign an Indemnity form – Parents must sign/accept the form before players participate in any PSi event.
A Player may only be eligible for PSi Regional team selection for the Region where their school is located. This rule will be strictly applied as from Jan 2015.
Rental agreements with ALL our venues stipulate that PLAYERS MAY ONLY USE NON MARKING SOLE SHOES.
Players safety and the quality of PSi events is paramount. If any player continues to disrupt sessions to such an extent, they will be asked to leave the program immediately. A refund may be offered.


Due to the nature of the sport, PSI or any of their staff members are not responsible for any losses, damage or injury of any participant caused during the duration of the tournament.


Playing up & down:

No infield player may play for more than one team without permission Permission to play up or down can only be granted by League Organisor Only special cases will apply.

Time Allocations & Start of games:

Games will start on time as per fixture.
Time will be kept by the tech table and/or umpires. FIH indoor rules apply.



Players may not drink on the court, only off the court.
This is to prevent spillage on the court causing a player to slip and injure themselves during the course of the game.
That includes half time.

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